About us
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About us

Yourspace Technologies is a Singapore based company that aims to combine an innovative office furniture, the soundproof booth with latest customized designs and technology features. We aim to improve our productivity with focus areas for individual work and protected spaces for confidential group discussions

We sell the standard single and meeting booths for indoor environment inclusive of installation. Besides selling it directly to the end users, we work with intermediaries such as interior designers, builders and architects. Finally, we are open to provide booth rental services for events.

Customized Booths (Coming Soon)
We would be adding smart locks and smart glasses on the booths soon. Up next, embedded video conferencing hardware and software for seamless digital communication experience.

Artificial Intelligence (Coming Soon)
Gain higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness in your conversations. Leverage on AI to automatically transcribe your conversations, ascribe the to-do list and areas of agreement. If you want it.
Change & Communications are the only constants in life