Soundproof Booth

What can you expect from our products?


Modular means that the soundproof booths can be torn down into its components. These 'Lego like' booths can be easily constructed and dismantled into a crate.


 Our quality stands out in 2 different approaches:

  1. Consistent soundproof quality with standard procedures
  2. Quality materials that can last for 30 years

Incredible Design

Ergonomically designed for comfortable seats and aesthetically pleasing on the outside. You can ask for decals for the exterior to blend into your office environment. Good finishes for the design.

3 Hours Construction

Gone are the days where the construction of a soundproof space would take 1 week. Our meeting booths can be constructed in 3 hours and torn down in half the time.

Well Ventilated & Lights

This booth is meant for indoor usage with fans for ventilation. You will feel comfortable even with long hours instead the booth with both fans and lights. All you need is a standard 13A power source.


We have to say this again. When you are inside our show room, step instead our booths and start shouting. Preferably come in minimum of 2 people. Hearing is believing.