• Enabling
    Productivity & Confidentiality

    Soundproof booths for confidential discussions and focus work areas. Sound stays in and external noise stays out!
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  • Portable Physical Solution

    Planning an event or moving offices? Bring these soundproof booths along with you!

     Consistent quality of soundproof which can be constructed in 3 hours! 

    No headaches, no eavesdropping! 
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  • Customized 

    How would you like your soundproof booth to look like?
    What features should be included? 
    - Video conferencing equipment?
    - Timer?
    - Transcribing?
    - Voice recording / Podcasting?
    Let us know and we will customize a slick product for you.
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The world is noisy. Your space can be quiet. 

Quiet enough for you to get things done. Negotiating a complex and sensitive project? Resolving tricky problems?

You need a space where your concerns stay inside of the confined space instead of spreading like wildfire. 

Open offices can be good for collaboration, events can be good to find your suppliers but not when finances are involved.

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